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About the Company

The General Director of Agency - Nechaeva Tatiana, the Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation without restrictions (registration number № 623)

Activity Range: assistance to legal and physical persons in receiving of protection and in protection of the rights of objects owners of the intellectual and industrial property in territory of the Russian Federation and abroad and also in acceleration of introduction of scientific and technical achievements, expansion and development of scientific and technical and trade and economic cooperation.

Activity Field on the areas of the science and technical equipment:

  • mechanics
  • mathematics
  • physics
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • mechanical engineering
  • power
  • nuclear power
  • clearing and recycling of waste products
  • aircraft
  • electronics
  • radio electronics
  • the electrical engineer
  • oil refining
  • construction
  • mining
  • medicine
  • agriculture
  • fishery
  • etc.
  • The Agency creates the program-target teams consisting of highly skilled experts on concrete disciplines with the purpose of the decision of the questions picked by the Customer up.