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Our partners

The basic Customers of Agency for last 2 years:

In Russia:

  • GU Federal Agency under the rights of protection of intellectual activity military, special and dual-purpose results at Russian Federation Department of Justice (GU "FAPRID");
  • Pharmaceutical firms " MEDIKOR ", (Moscow) "INTER-KER" (Moscow);
  • The industrial enterprises: FGUP "EREA" (Moscow), "EKEP" (Moscow), "NITRO-EXPLOSION" (Moscow), "ANKORT" (Moscow), Joint-Stock Company Diamond center (St-Peterburg);
  • The construction organization New Ring of Moscow ;
  • Scientific Research Institutes of the Russian Academy of Science; Joint-Stock Company " MIPFBT" (Moscow); (RNTZ Kurchatovskij Institute (Moscow);
  • Trade houses: "VALGO" (Moscow), Limbston Investment Ltd. (Cyprus)


  • "Marubeni" (Japan),
  • "Vision Development" (Japan),
  • "INOVA" (Japan),
  • "ISKRA" (Japan),
  • "SUNFLOWER DYNAMIC Inc." (Japan)
  • "LG" (S. Korea).

Agency carries out works on promotion and introduction of development of the Russian applicants. In that area Agency cooperates with a number of firms of Japan and Germany.